Are you looking for the opportunity to associate your name with the biggest events of the year? Are you seeking to put your company name in front of thousands of event and promotion attendees? Look no further…

Xsentrek Corporation is pleased that your organization has decided to participate as a vendor on our Xsentrekevents Vendor(s) platform. Our structure provides your organization with a superior opportunity to interact with your consumer base and increase your brand and visibility. Each event, promotion and production will be unique in the audience and consumer base it attracts. Our Xsentrekevents Vendors platform structure provides fun and engaging opportunities for you to “wow” clients, sponsors, employees, and the community. Whether you participate in one event or all featured promotions and production, the experience is sure to be of great value and growth to your organization.

On-line Promotion, Marketing, Product Placement and Branding

Xsentrek Corporation Search Engine and website ( along with will afford on-line Promotion, Marketing, Product Placement and Branding. The Xsentrekevent page will provide event information, including the event date, time, location and prices. Information is also provided for participating sponsors and sponsorship opportunities. The site will host: contests, information on the performing artists and participating hosts and companies. On-line participation opportunities include sponsorship throughout the site, or in specified pages, banners, hot links, e-mail, and e-commerce.

Xsentrek Corporation website, the social media applications, Face book and LinkedIn, will also be used for on-line promotion and marketing. By utilizing the power of social media, XsentrekEvents LLC and Xsentrek Corporation will not only be able to promote the event to a large audience, but we will also be able to do the following:

  • Create a following of the event
  • Provide reminders and updates of event information on a month basis
  • Follow up on event and sponsorship questions and inquires

The top four social network media; Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin combine annual revenue 55,355 billion and register users 1,990 billion. With a social network of an additional 199 websites, with a combine 5,048,272,877 billion register users.

Xsentrek seek to achieve 1% to 10% of participation of register users 50,482,729 to 504,827,290 million to participate or visit our engine.

Interested in becoming a Vendor, promoting your events, merchandise or products to a massive list of people?

Please be sure to register at to receive updates on Xsentrek Corporation Promotions and Events. Once an event has been announced, vendor space is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. To reserve your space, please complete the Vendor Registration Form; the link can be found at This packet also contains a Vendor Registration Form that can be filled out and returned by fax or email.

Take advantage of our curated list and database of dedicated users by promoting your events on our interactive and events promotions suites. See what is available to our members.