WHY choose OUR services

XsentreKEvents.com Promotions, provides products and services in direct correlation to promotion(s) of and for major events. This includes: concerts, sporting events (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAAFB, NCAABB, GOLF, NASCAR, SOCCER, TENNIS, TRACK & FIELD, X-GAMES), restaurants, Seminars & Workshop, Business Networking & Mixers, Classes, Parties, movie premieres and theaters, the Summer/Winter Olympics…we are going after all industries.

It is through these events that we promote our clients and XsentreKEvents and the XsentreK brand, its services, and its place within the community. Many companies, corporations, small business(s), online business(s), franchises, home-base business(s)and mom pop franchises, have invested heavily in the technologies and capabilities needed for smooth shopping and purchasing, only to have fallen short of expectations. Thus, recognizing the need to re-examine their value propositions and improve their abilities to execute in the digital integrates world.

Our Service and Mission

XsentreKevents.com Promotions are, in part, the answer to the demands of this social digital integration. As a business, we understand the needs of public and private organizations. As we all have personal lives, we understand the needs of setting special time apart to enjoy life while still working efficiently. XsentreKEvents strives to accomplish these goals.

Our service will be marketed mainly to those involved in the entertainment industry and those needing to produce a high-end event.

The entertainment industry uses events as a vital marketing tool that will provide steady revenue. Those in the corporate sector also use events as a marketing tool and method of advertising or communicating to the general public as well.

  • Virtual On-Line is becoming a very important avenue for online business(s), it have become an important sector and factor for customer engagement, boundaries and geographies become no barrier to one’s success. Accessibility, time saving, online deals, and promotions are a GREAT motivator for public participation. It provides subscribes the ability to shop at leisure across multiple market(s).
  • Mobile is becoming more and more critical as a necessary communications channel. Mobile is also expected to become a critical way for people to search, browse and buy.
  • Social Media is becoming an increasing driver of site traffic and an increasing influence on Brand perception. Theses’ are area that requires more specialize attention and resources.

With XsentreKEvents Virtual On-Line Network expanding to all 50 States and globally, our National Events & Promotions sales would extrapolate to the following revenue potential: On average a reach of 5 million customers nationally and globally minimum for all events. Presently, there are an estimated 3 billion people that use the Internet worldwide.

XsentreKEvents provides worry-free and budget conscious event planning and entertainment to businesses and individuals alike. Whether you are planning, promoting, or just want to attend a concert or event, we got you covered. Leave everything to us, XsentreKevents.com provides everything at your fingertips to handle all creative, technical, and logistical elements of an event.

XsentreKEvents Virtual On-Line Marketing and Promotion(s) Network (will provide links to the following services):

  • All Networks Websites
  • All Entertainment Websites
  • All Entertainment Chat Rooms: XsentreK, integration, links, and Page design, and setup
  • All Sound Stage Artist’s Websites: XsentreK, integration, links, and Page design, and setup
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other Social Media’s: XsentreK, integration, links, and Page design, and setup
  • Create XsentreK Web-conferencing Viewer: Videoconferencing (Multiple Video and Audio Screens)