XsentreKevents Virtual Online Network Business

Xsentrekevents Virtual Online Network Business Package(s) website (www.xsentrekevents.com) will offer online promotion, marketing, product placement and branding services. The Xsentrekevents event page will provide event information, including the event date, time, location and prices. Information for participating sponsors and sponsorship opportunities will be included. The site can and will host: contests, information on the performing artists, participating hosts and companies. Online participation opportunities include sponsorship throughout the site, or in specified pages, banners, hotlinks, e-mail, and e-commerce.

The Xsentrekevents website, the social media applications, Facebook and LinkedIn, will also be used for online promotion and marketing. By utilizing the power of social media, Xsentrekevents will not only be able to promote the event to a large audience, but we will also be able to do the following:

• Global Online Promotion
• Global Online Marketing
• Global Online Advertising
• Global Online Sales
• Branding
• Product Placement
• Create a following of the event
• Provide reminders and updates of event information on a monthly basis
• Follow up on event and sponsorship questions and inquiries

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