RMN Marketplace

The XsentreK Reduction Markdown Network is an all-inclusive marketplace where our client businesses and companies within the XsentreK Network will be able to showcase their products and services at special discounted rates of 10% or higher and sell them to our Global Marketing Network audience.

The Reduction Markdown Network is a critical part of the XsentreK Global Marketing Network Suite.

Clients who have the XsentreK Business Account will be able to tap into an open and responsive network audience of over 1 billion people, as XsentreK caters to a global audience within the network. Our client businesses will have an opportunity to enhance their exposure and brand, all while getting access to premium marketing and advertising at just the cost of their XsentreK Business Account. Clients will get global and social advertising exposure at a fraction of the cost of other traditional advertising sources and networks. Thereby saving our clients hundreds if not millions of dollars that could be utilized in a more efficient business operational manner. The RMN will allow clients companies and businesses to increase sales volumes, and save advertising and marketing expenses over the long term.

The XsentreK Reduction Markdown Network is your company’s source for ultimate brand and sales exposure. Clients will be offered an entire marketing campaign that will be provided via XsentreK exclusively for XsentreK Business account holder participation. All companies will be able to solicit their products and services over the XsentreK Global Marketing Network to XsentreK account holders.

Our Reduction Markdown Network (RMN) will provide a minimum 10% reduced markdown to our account holders as the main provision of the RMN and allow the establishment of the Global Marketing Network as a PREMIER marketplace.

Our account holders are a cornerstone to establishing ourselves in the marketplace. It is a means to increase product use and consumption, account sales, and at the same time create a New Economy around business-to-business, and business-to-consumer relationships.