The Xsentrek PEMC Program is an all-inclusive, comprehensive, tailored service, designed to provide exclusive mechanisms and procedures with our corporate and business clients success in mind.

Xsentrek will custom build a program for the client from start to finish, including all aspects of consulting, including complete development and implementation of procedures for the successful launch of the client’s events, productions, and campaigns. Any size campaign the client desires can be met with Xsentrek’s Production & Events Management Consulting (PEMC) Services Program.

This product is the ultimate service for small or large-scale events and productions, which includes everything needed from admissions to security and management, to ticketing and sales. Your #1 solution for ultimate productions and business events needs starts here with the Xsentrek PEMC Program.

Start your program and create your campaign today and see how your success is our #1 priority!

Outline of Services

1.     Production & Event Management Consulting

  • Initial Consultation
  • Event Needs Assessment
  • Client Requirements
  • Authorization for Services
  • Event Management Proposal
  • Contracts and Agreements

2.     Production & Event Management Development

  • Event Itinerary Development
  • Event Admittance and Packet Design Development
  • XsentrekEvents Virtual On-Line Network Web Page Development
  • Additional Services

3.     Production & Event Management Procedures

  • Event Admittance Sales
  • XsentrekEvents Transaction Process Description
  • Security Admittance System Testing
  • Security Personnel Training
  • XsentrekEvents Admittance Process Administration
  • Event Management Summary

1. Production & Event Management Consulting

Event management consulting consists of six steps in which XsentreKEvents meets with the client and assesses the overall project and determines what aspects of the project XsentreKEvents can be involved in.

1.1   Initial Consultation:

Initial consultation consists of the initial meeting and/or conferencing and assessment of the clients project. At this meeting, XsentreKEvents will display and describe all of its products and services. At this particular meeting we can begin to define the event needs assessment.

1.2   Event Needs Assessment:

The Event Needs Assessment is a document that outlines what responsibilities XsentreKEvents will incur and what responsibilities the client will incur. From this document, we can develop a proposal of services that included all the products and services XsentreKEvents will render to client.

1.3   Client Requirements:

These are requirements that XsentreKEvents must have established by the client before we can proceed with Event Management Consulting services.

  1. Client’s event location must be identified and confirmed in writing
  2. Client’s event date must be identified and confirmed in writing
  3. Client’s Event Information must be identifiable and detailed in writing
  4. Admittance requirements must be determined
    • Event Admittance total amount
    • VIP Admittance total amount
    • Artist and group Admittance total amount
    • Security Admittance total amount
    • Promotional Admittance total amount
    • Media Admittance total amount
    • Admittance total amount
  5. All duties and responsibilities of XsentreKEvents must be identified
  6. Client must deposit 35% of the Event Management Contract Budget to XsentreKEvents.
  7. If none of the above can be fulfilled, then XsentreKEvents recommends promoter to use our Joint Venture Agreement to satisfy some of the above stated

1.4   Authorization for Services:

This is a confirmation agreement that allows XsentreKEvents the legal right to begin to charge for its event management consulting’s services at the time of signature and date.

1.5   Event Management Proposal:

At this point, we will develop and present our proposal for services, which will include the scope of the project, the defined responsibilities of the project, the project’s event schedule, and the project’s event budget.

1.6   Contracts and Agreements:

This is the final step in Phase one of out Event Management Consulting service. At this phase XsentreKEvents will present to the client its contracts, agreements, Admittance Terms and agreements, and XsentreKEvents Virtual On-Line Network Service Warranty for signature. Once contracts and agreements are all signed, XsentreKEvents will proceed to phase 2.

Event Management Development consists of four steps in which we assist clients in the development of their project.

2.1   Event Itinerary Development

At this step, we will develop the event’s itinerary with the client. Itinerary will include but not limited to: Contact sheets, budgets, schedules, event process, etc.

2.2   Event Admittance and Packet Design Development

We will develop the design of the Event Admittance and Event Admittance Packets (Admittance Sheets, Admittance Envelopes, XsentreKEvents Accessories). If the client does not have a design staff, we will also develop all advertising materials for the project.

2.3   XsentreKEvents Virtual On-Line Network Web Page Development

We will develop, from the Event Designs, a web page to insert into the XsentreKEvents Virtual  On-Line Network to advertise for the event and to process Event Admittance sales. All new projects will have a “new project” announcement in the NSN.

2.4   Additional Services

XsentreKEvents will assist the client with any additional coordination issues that are within our ability.

XsentreKEvents Virtual On-Line Network management procedures concern the actual processing and administration of the event.

3.1   Event Admittance Sales

XsentreKEvents has the ability to sell Admission on the Internet, by phone, and at various locations of the client’s choice. The locations that the client can negotiate to make sales will be initially processed with an Event Admittance Request Packet. The Event Admittance Request Packet is a universal form that customers can use to fill out and make a payment. As Admittance is being sold XsentreKEvents will coordinate and maintain records of all sales in our EMNA program for clients to review.

Customer Data Required to Process XsentreKEvents Admittance Transactions:

Record of all transaction are required the following is a list of required data per transaction.

Event DataEvent Location DataCustomer DataTransaction Data
Event NameEL ID CodeFirst Name, Last namePayment Method
Event ID CodeEL NameAddressEncoded Account
Card Id numberEL AddressContact NumberAuthorization Code
Event Date & TimeEL Phone ContactEmail AddressTransaction Data

3.2   Transaction Process Description:

XsentreKEvents transaction process is an electronic process through electronic commerce. It confirms, authorizes, and verifies payments. Therefore, our payment structure concerns the process of debiting funds from a source (credit cards, debit cards, checking accounts). All cash payments are made at the clients chosen locations. Reconciliation is to be done by the XsentreKEvents, the client, and the location owners.

3.3   Security Admittance System Testing

After client has confirmed rental of event facility, XsentreKEvents will temporarily install and test our Security Admittance System at the event location prior to the event date and time.

3.4   Security Personnel Training

Prior to the event, XsentreKEvents will meet and train the hired security personnel on most aspects of the XsentreKEvents Management Process. This will include scanner recognition, Admittance code discrepancies, Admittance, and ID discrepancies; counterfeit cards and/or tickets, etc.

3.5   Event AdmittanceX Card Admittance Process Administration

XsentreKEvents staff will process and administer XsentreKEvents Admittance to the event prior, during, and immediately after the event. Any discrepancies will be reported to the security personnel staff and client immediately.

3.6   Event Management Summary

We will have for our clients after the event; a post event reconciling and event management summary that details all Admittance sold for the event and how much Admittance entered the event and many more reports from our Security Access System Application.