We define our market as Information Technology (IT). Technological advancements will continue to be a major contribution to economic sustainability. Information Technology (IT) is a growing industry. During the current period of economic growth, Xsentrek Corporation and XsentrekEvents LLC can capitalize on the many significant opportunities in the IT industry.

The total market size for the United States Federal IT Market is expected to grow by to $518 billion “between” 2013-2018. The Federal IT market will be driven by two major forces in the years to come – pressure to cut federal IT budgets without losing efficiency and the implementation of new technologies. The Global Information Technology Services Market is estimated to reach $1.2 trillion by 2018. We believe we can capture 1% of the global market Presently, there are an estimated 3 billion people that use the Internet worldwide. This includes corporations, governmental entities, sports franchises, entertainment venues, and event promoters, all of which are ideal target markets of Xsentrek.

The purpose of Xsentrek Corporations marketing plan is to make Xsentrek the leader in selling high-profit solutions to individuals and business all over the world that will enhance, increase, and maximize global interactivity, economic expansion, networking, and security systems. Our marketing will assist the growth of our business by promoting our company’s features, benefits, values, brand name, and image. Xsentrek Corporation’s and XsentrekEvents LLC marketing strategy is to enhance, promote, and support the fact that our product is efficient and versatile. Our marketing strength will come from our cost-effective method of reaching any market from through the business solutions offered within the engine and the suites while generating revenue from sells and promotions.

The entertainment industry (sports, theatre, concerts, opera, gambling, etc.) generates over $750 Billion dollars in annual revenue. The event management and security access portion of this industry generates 10% of the revenue. Our phase A development is based on us capturing 1% to 10% of this market over the next 3-5 years. Our long-term marketing objective is to capture 10% to 50% of this market merchandise or products to a massive list of people managing and producing security access systems and Admittance Card for all entertainment events, promotions, and productions. Xsentrek Corporation and XsentrekEvents LLC will be able to increase its year-to-year sales growth rate to an average of 25%. Future sales will stem primarily from the timing of launch and the advertising of the products and services to take effect.