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March 10, 2021 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm

Are you XsentreK? We think you and your business are. We invite your company, non-profit, or any other business you have on a website and experience our Search Engine. XsentreK.com & XsentreKEvents.Com our hassle-free, technological solutions PLATFORM. Which will Enhance, Increase, and Maximize Global Interactivity, Economic Expansion, Networking, and Security Systems whether you are a Company, Artist, Inventor, Creator, OR Original Idea, YOU can achieve it at XsentreK? XsentreK (Interactive Networking Globally Resourceful Engine and Security System) is the 1st Search Engine designed to maximize Environment Technology Principles, while creating a more Efficient, Safer, and Organized Internet Platform for Business, Security, and Daily Operations. The ENGINE will provide an infrastructure that provides a Communication Network that will span the Entire Globe.

Our Model is simple. When sold over our XsentreK Network. Whether a Book, DVD, Art, Tickets, Speaking Engagements, Tours. Whatever you offer to the public Locally, Nationally, or Globally. BUT, for the next 6 months, the XSENTREK Platform is FREE. When your 6 months are up, we believe the value we offer will help you to decide on a package and become apart of our network members to build a mutually rewarding partnership.
We are pleased to introduce to you XsentreKEvents an EXCITING and UNIQUE On-Line Virtual Network.

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XsentreKEvents provides entrance into the next era of Virtual Technology and Global Communications.

The main objective for the XsentreKEvents platform will be to “imprint” the corporation as the premiere search function to provide global interactivity, connectivity, networking and security systems for entertainment, event promoters, sporting events, sports franchises, restaurants, hotels, transportation and lodging, vacationers, tourists, travelers, and developers, corporations.

XsentreKEvents On-Line Virtual Network(s), Virtual On-Line StoreFront Center and Virtual On-Line Business Network(s), companies will be able to tap into an open and responsive network audience of over ½ billion people, as XsentreKEvents caters to a global audience within the network. Our client businesses will have an opportunity to enhance their exposure and brand, all while getting access to premium marketing and advertising at just the cost of their XsentreK Business Membership. Clients will get global and social advertising exposure at a fraction of the cost of other traditional advertising sources and networks. Thereby saving our clients hundreds, if not millions of dollars, that could be utilized in a more efficient business operational manner. Our networking platform(s) will allow clients companies and businesses to increase sales volumes, and save advertising and marketing expenses over the long term.

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XsentreKEvents will be established as a “Brand – Valued System;” and assist others in establishing the same for their company or brand over our XsentreKEvents “Virtual On-Line Network(s).” Overall, the idea is to build the most agreeable and prominent public image for our clients’ businesses and enhance brand exposure.

Our Memberships are a cornerstone to establishing ourselves in the marketplace. It is a means to increase product use and consumption, membership sales, and at the same time create a New Economy around business-to-business, and business-to-consumer relationships. XsentreKEvents can be your complete platform for global audience exposure, marketing, sales and business functions. XsentreKEvents is your complete global sales solution.

XsentreKEvents On-Line Network’s purpose is to bring to the forefront, encouraging productive agendas and solution(s) to your business or company brand. We fill the needs of: Global Interactive Networking, on-line business solutions, administrative enhancements, economic expansion, high-end security, scalping reduction,
as well as complete online and offline networking and marketing of your services and products to increase sales.

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The benefits of being involved with XsentreKEvents will last well beyond an event, as people bring their
connections and collective knowledge and skills to help improve their business and community.

XsentreKEvents can put companies on the world stage through our Virtual Networking Solution(s), which can also provide marketing and advertising for local businesses. Our success will be measured by the extent of our ability to inform, enlighten, and educate our audience.

XsentreKEvents Online Network

3790 Railroad
Pittsburg, California 94565
United States
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